K Quinn


Master all 12 Major Scales and Their Primary Chords in 12 weeks

12th March 2006
How is your piano playing coming? Did you start to learn the major scales and stop after the key of G or F? Two or more sharps or flats got you stumped? Find yourself turning the page when you see a key signature of three sharps? Read on. While it is n... Read >

Five steps to improvising at the piano

24th November 2005
You're sitting at the piano playing your favorite song but you can only play the notes on the sheet music in front of you. You long to play that song the way it is running in your head but you just don't know where to begin. Does this sound like you? Y... Read >

Chord Piano, the Fast way to Learn the Piano

20th November 2005
Chord Piano, the Fast way to Learn the Piano If you have the desire to play the piano but neither the time, the funds, nor the inclination it takes to devote to full time study why not try chord piano or more simply learning chords. Most chord piano is le... Read >